Local Server on Zyxel Keenetic II

I’ve managed to setup local Blynk server on Zyxel Keenetic II with draft 2.08 firmware and OPKG support.

Using this information Debian stable на кинетике - Каталог готовых решений Opkg - Keenetic Community now i have Debian 8.5 “Jessie” enviroment.

OpenJDK 8 on mipsel arch is in testing branch, but it’s working!
So, i’ve tried to start blynk server and after some config modidfications got:

root@Kenny:/home/blynk# java -Xms96m -Xmx96m -Djava.awt.headless=true -jar server.jar -dataFolder ./data
Blynk Server successfully started.
All server output is stored in folder '/home/blynk/./logs' file.

So, my config is:


Further i’ve successfully registered on my server with android blynk app, so server is working.
But now now the problem is to get to admin http interface, becouse when i try to connect to https://MY_IP:7443/admin i got blank page. Using GoogleChrome dev tools i’ve got this in error log:

https://my.keenetic.net:7443/static/admin/admin.js Failed to load resource: net::ERR_TIMED_OUT
https://my.keenetic.net:7443/static/admin/build/ng-admin.min.js Failed to load resource: net::ERR_TIMED_OUT

Can anybody help me with it?

Hello. Is that latest server? Do you see js files within /home/blynk/static/admin folder?

Does https://my.keenetic.net:7443/static/admin/admin.js returns something if open it in browser?

It is server-0.19.0.jar. Js files are there:


If i open https://my.keenetic.net:7443/static/admin/admin.js in browser it shows its contents

Server v 0.20.0 - i’ve got access to webadmin using Microsoft Edge. Very slow, but it works!

And you can read more, as you have sets the local server on the zyxel?
Debian installed, but java can’t

So you need to set apt to use testing repos.
Make your /etc/apt/sources.list look like this:

deb http://ftp.ru.debian.org/debian stable main
deb http://ftp.us.debian.org/debian testing main

Next you must create file /etc/apt/preferences:

Package: *
Pin: release a=stable
Pin-Priority: 700

Package: *
Pin: release a=testing
Pin-Priority: 650

This is needed to not make apt to install all packages from testing repo.

After all done do:
apt update
apt search java

And you’ll find java8

Thank you so much. Java installed. The server has started. Now we have to configure the server.

Start the server on your router zyxel kineetic giga 2. But push notifications are not sent. The logs the error

2017-01-24 19:20:17.965 ERROR - Error sending push. Reason Unexpected error: java.security.InvalidAlgorithmParameterException: the trustAnchors parameter must be non-empty

How to fix it?

Have no idea :slight_smile:.