Local Server on RPi3. The question of opportunities

Hello again, Blynk Community.
I want to create local Blynk Server on Raspberry Pi 3.


  1. Will such a server differ in its functionality from the Blynk Cloud?

  2. Approximately how many simultaneous connections of clients and accounts this server can pull, if take into account the use of the History Graph Widget for each of them with a record of readings for 3 months?
    In client, account, I mean one full-fledged smart home with about 10 D1 Mini on board, each of which is docked by sensors. Speed connection of server with internet 50Mb/s.

  3. How much ROM memory this server needs for comfortable data storage for 3 months in the scenario described above?

Many thanks for the replies in advance.

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Endless :slight_smile:.

~50Mb of RAM I think.

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Hello, Dmitriy.
Thanks for fast reply.
Good news.
Now I’ll try to build this one)

Did you mean, that the data of History Graph’s dont record to ROM but stay in RAM memory all that time?

Reporting data is stored on disk.

How much memory needs to record four pins of one History Graph during 3 month?
I’m trying to figure out how much ROM memory I should have on RPi.

ROM != disk.

~10 MB I guess.

Exactly that I want to know.

its consuming much memory with java. ~100Mb of ram

This is default Java behavior. On launch, process reserves additional memory (heap) for future use. But it doesn’t mean that those 100 Mb are used by actual Blynk server.

In fact, starting memory footprint for Blynk server is ~20 Mb.

Absolutely. but blynk cant work without java right? This is not problem for rpi ofcourse. i am using custom server on 128mb ram vps (on ramnode) and its working. i tried on 64mb vps and its loosing connection or sometimes server crashing. thats java behavior.

It can’t.

To be honest, I never tuned Blynk Server for “lower” memory consumption as that never was an issue. What OS and Java do you use?

i didnt meant blynk has problem or issue about memory. i just tried blynk server on a couple devboard with low memory like onion omega2 64mb .