Local server offline no internet

Hey Blynker’s !!

I have setup a local server on raspberry pi zero. And it has no internet access what so ever. So my question is how will i get the auth token to my email id from the server when there is no internet access to the pi ?

You can manually access it in the App, in the devices setup. A long press on the partially visable code (in blue) will copy it to your phone’s clipboard.

Of course this is assuming you have setup your RPi as an Access Point and are connecting your phone to it in order to login to your Local Server and generate an account and projects in the first place :wink:

Ho yeah now I remember seeing a copy all button in the settings or NUT section of the project area.
Thank you for reminding. But then why do we need to setup a server.properties and provide a mail in that if this is the case :thinking: ?

And i did not understand ur last lines :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

I think @Gunner was assuming that if your RPI has no internet access then it won’t have any local network access either. If this assumption is correct then you’ll need to have your RPI running as an access point/DHCP server so that your phone and any other devices can connect to it.

If the RPI is connected to a local network that isn’t ultimately connected to the internet then it won’t need to operate as an access point.

In either scenario, the app on your phone will obviously only work when you’re connected to the local network/RPI access point via Wi-Fi.


Because Blynk is predominantly an InternetoT application/system :stuck_out_tongue:

A @PeteKnight guessed… your comments had me thinking you were doing something like this…

Sorry again !! I did not understand. Can you please make me understand… or provide with links like you always do :wink::wink:

Server.properties is not at all required as we can take the token from the phone… this is my question :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: