Local Server connection Issue: App works, Arduino with SIM800L does not

Privet All

I am struggling with my project:

Arduino Uno connected to Internet Via GPRS using GSM800L. > Working Fine
Blynk Library V0.5.4
When I set the server to cloud server, the sketch and app both connect and work perfectly.
When I change the server to my local server, the app can again connect fine, I can send tokens and all, but my Arduino refuses to connect.

I have tried port 9443, 80 and 8080. Also left the port option blank.

Where am I %&^ing it up??

This is my Blynk begin line: Blynk.begin(auth, modem, apn, user, pass,"####.hopto.org",9443);



OK. This can be deleted. I messed up, it works now. I tried (apparently) port 8800, and not 8080.

Or flagged as solved.

Thanks anyway for all the help