Local blynk server start up on reboot?

Good day, I have a question, I’m new in servers, I have made a Blynk local server.
It is working if I run it manually, I want to ask help with auto start up.

@reboot java -jar /root/blynk/server-0.41.14.jar -dataFolder /root/blynk/server_data

I inserted this command in (crontab -e)

The problem is that: I have a folder with all my old logs and data folder, but when my server restarts it create a new log folder. I want to store every thing in my blynk folder. How to do it?
I have Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS server.
Thank you.

rc.local and crontab is an old-school approach (in my mind)! Take a look at this:

OK, thank you so much, initially, i have realized it with rc.local, but I liked this method better)
Thank you).