Local blynk server & Raspberry PI as Router

Dear Sirs, I ask for your advice:
My aim is to use the PI3 as WIFI Router and as a stand alone Blynk server with out any connection to the internet.
Some Wemos D1 mini should be used to be connected to the local server via PI3 Router.

I already managed it to run the Blynk server on a raspberry PI 3
If I connect it to my home network the APP and the D1 mini are connected and every think works.

I also managed it to use the same PI 3 as an Router.
I can connect the APP to the router and also to the Blynk server.

But the Wemos D1 mini do not connect or the connection will take several minutes and the performance is verry slow.
Yesturday it connected after several minutes
Today it does not connect at all
My program blocks at : Blynk.begin(auth, ssid, pass, IPAddress(192,168,1,1))

I´m a little confused
Is there any one who managed it to use the PI3 as a router while running the Blnyk server at the same time on the same hardware?

Thank you for any advice.

What do you mean by router? Is your Pi setup to act as accesspoint or does it connect to the regular network? I assume it connects to the local network.

Can you show the sketch running on the Wemos?

My aim is to use the PI3 as WIFI Router and as a stand alone Blynk server with out any connection to the internet.
So final it should NOT be connected to the internet
But it serves as a local WIFI Router to connect the wemos d1 mini to the blynk server
which is running on the raspberry also.
I assume I have to change something in the router settings.?
So that the requests from The APP and from the D1 will be linked to the server

@Brummer I have Pi Zero W’s running the way you describe and got the details of how to do it on this site.

The Pi 3 is just a powerful Zero W with extra ports so it should be the same. Take a look at this thread Setup PI ZERO W as ultra portable server and AP (tutorial)

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thank you for this link I did not see it before.

Yes that is what I want to do.
I spend a lot of time and it is really frustrating because I do not have experience wit PI or linux.

did you modify the power saving settings ?
something like : wlan0 set power_save off
I have the feeling that this is what is chasing me.
Some times it works but mostly not.

I can’t remember to be honest but unless you are looking at a low power system I would always disable power save for WiFi.

Yes you are right
my question is how to disable it