Local Blynk Server & App Client (emulates Smartphone App)

Recently I discovered Blynk for the IOT and find it very interesting.
I followed the tutorial on the Blynk site to make a Blynk Local Server and everything works well.
I’m using the 0.23.4 version of the server.
I did not create the SSL certificates on the host that is running the server (as opposed to as recommended in the tutorial).
The next thing I tried to do … was the replacement the App for Smartphones (I tried the Android version) with the jar client to emulate Smartphone App.
Unfortunately I have the following problem … after starting the client on the same PC that host the Server … I can not log in from the Client.

After starting the server, in the same PC, start the client with the command:

java -jar client-0.23.4.jar -mode app -host localhost -port 8443

and when I try to register or login a user with one of the following commands (replace with appropriate e-mail and UserPassword)

register username@example.com UserPassword
login username@example.com UserPassword

I get this message

11:41:03.883 ERROR - Client socket closed. Reason : Server closed client connection.

Do you have any suggestions for me?
Thanks for your help.

Not sure what you are attempting, but the typical Blynk Client install and commands refer to the hardware Device (Arduino, ESP, RPi, etc) not the Smartphone App (simulation or otherwise).

App (on Smartphone or emulated on PC) <–> Server (Local or Cloud) <–> Hardware device (Client)

Perhaps a little more detail on the hardware you are using and what you are trying to accomplish? Thanks.

I tried to accomplish the following:
App (emulated on PC with Client) <–> Server (Local) <–> Hardware device (NodeMCU)

The Local Server and the “emulated App” run on the same PC with mac os x “el capitan” and the Hardware device is NodeMCU.

Well, then you are doing it wrong :wink: A phone emulator can run Blynk App (well, depends on the emulator I guess) but you would still connect to the server the same way as on any other phone… not through javascript client commands… those are for when you are running a client script on a Linux based device like a Raspberry Pi.

The App (phone) and the Client (hardware) are two different things.

I’m sorry, I was wrong in explaining my use case.
I do not use any smartphone emulator.
To “App emulated” … I wanted to say that I use only the file client-0.23.4.jar launched by the shell of my pc.
I read in your guide on github.com that you can to emulate the Smartphone App client:

I see… Well that appears to be something new that the Blynk Developers are working on. We best wait until it gets officially announced.

I did some tests with older versions of Blynk server / client.
With version 0.8.0, with the parameter “- mode app”, the client can perform login and register users.
With version 0.19.0, with the parameter “- mode app” from the Server log I get the following error when I try to connect with the client:

 ERROR - Not secure connection attempt detected. not an SSL / TLS record:

I think my problem is the not use of certificates for the SSL connection.

After that I tried to use port 8443 and created the SSL certificates for the server, and setting properties in server.properties file.
The question is … as required SSL certificates for client-0.23.4.jar files?