Little Blynk knowledge starting Particle Photon

I started experimenting with the Make book “Getting Started with Particle Photon” and liked what I saw, until I needed something a little bit different and found little guidance…Upon googling my need, I found Blynk and got excited. I downloaded the app to my Android tablet and I found Blynk examples in my Particle IDE.

However, with 01_Particle.ino in my Photon IDE, I can’t type in my AuthToken into the Blynk code, and my Verify and Flash controls are ghosted. What did I miss?

I created a basic tablet app with a Button and a Led widgit and associated the Button to a DO pin and the Led to a DI pin, but how do I connect to the Photon? The videos I watched made it look almost automatic. I’m attaching a screen capture


Ehm… it looks like you forgot to actually “Import”/“Use” an example.
You should look into their WebIDE Getting Started guide