Limitations on the number of widgets?

At the moment there is a limit to 100 widgets for template (web or mobile), regardless of plan.

We’ll fix this to 20 tabs max in next iOS app update

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Bad news for me… I need at least 20 widgets more…
I have to rethink my project …

@Bresca wow, do you really use so many widgets? Could you please show UI?

@Dmitriy Yes, I do.
It is a complex project where a device (which I call a “gateway”) collects data from other devices and presents them on the app.
To make the user interface more engaging and self-explanatory, I used many widgets with simple static text (no link to a vPIN), this made me quickly reach the aforementioned limit.
But here another question arises: why do I have the possibility to define up to 255 vPINs if I cannot connect them to the corresponding widget (which can be a maximum of 100)?
In any case, I should be able to fix things by eliminating some of these widgets with static text

Good question. In most cases, the device sends many data streams, however, on UI only part of them is showed. As showing 255 values wouldn’t make happy any user :slight_smile:.

I’ll increase the limit to 125 widgets with the next deploy. Also, we’ll implement VIEWS in a few months so you’ll be able to group the widgets by device for your use case.

Do you know when? I’m developing during these sunny days :wink:. Just to have an idea.

Very, very good! Many thanks :clap: :clap:

Today probably :slight_smile: .

@Dmitriy @Eugene
Hi Dmitriy

I am running the pro plan and also have seemed to reach the widget limit
Could you increase to 255

Could you increase it again please. Was very confused with adding widgets and it not working then found this thread.

Widgets for days

I reached the widget limit in three tabs lol
I’m making a Portable remote that plug into many different industrial control systems

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@FCS hello. No problem. Will definitely increase the limit for PRO users to 255 widgets. By the way - we’ll release a Pages in a week or two, so you may reconsider your design. Stay tuned :slight_smile: .


what’s that

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Pages - are dashboards with widgets that could be opened from the existing dashboard or device tab screen. Also, they are permission-based, so you could add a “service dashboard” to a device that could be accessible only for the person with the required role.

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These are all so hard to understand unless we start to use it. Blynk legacy was just perfect !! No confusions nothing.

Now we have to deal with :
Sub org
Device sharing
Mobile dash
Web dash
Having to setup virtual pins only from web
And many more

Ufffff !!! :crazy_face::crazy_face:

Agree. We’ll work on simplification after we finish our pending paid feature requests.


Pages sound amazing and super powerful

Great work!

Will they have a virtual pin access?
Ie Vpin settings?
Hide/ display page

This app is definitely moving to business use.
I think a lot of people are saddened by how much it has changed

Not me! Love it!

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Widgets inside - yes.

Yes. There are would be 2 types of pages “Dashboard page” - opened/hide by button widget, “Tab page” showed/hide based on the user role.

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With the extra functionality will you give pro users more user roles ie
User 1
User 2
User 3
User 4
User 5

So different users can be set to access different pages?or add a $25 month fee for extra user permission functionality?

More roles requires some refactoring before we can introduce it, but yeah, at some points that’s would be avaialble.

Thanks. Extra widgets now working :blush:

PRO plan has the highest widget limit (255), so you can consider upgrading to that. Also White Label has no limit on widgets just FYI.