Light control over wifi blynk app as well as physical on off button?

I know… I think it is called gurl or wooman… hard to tell as there is something behind her that is interfering with the view. As for that gurrl thing, I don’t know what it runs on but it is probably something expensive.

Oh veri fine mister Master Lord!
Has pink head on lid. With library 0.4.6 auto uopdate arduino! When try shoot I use 10 second delay in lopp void() :airplane: why plane cresh?
Thank you so much Lord Master

Why or why can’t people use the search function. If you would have at least searched for recent references like “Master” you would have realised that the Master that you need to ask is @Jamin

(Have we totally killed this thread yet?? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


I love how you understood where I got it from :sweat_smile: good laughs and now off to bed, pink tanks here I come! :wink:


Thanks for giving good suggestion to me
Difficutly makes excietment in sucess
I need one program but your guidence give all programing

Thanks to very help me

No Library crush in this…

Hi jamin.
Can you help me here ?

This is all the same forum, and you already created a topic for your issue. Please don’t spam other topics for assistance on it. Thank you.