Light control over wifi blynk app as well as physical on off button?

That will be well beyond this forum.

Try this

Also be aware that in most simple meters, you have to move the RED probe to a different socket on the meter for current readings (as well as how you measure in series with the circuit for current instead of in parallel of the circuit for voltage). But NEVER leave your meter in that probe configuration (when storing it) as it could cause damage to both meter and circuit if accidently measuring voltage when in current mode.

Okay so I measured the voltage output of the power supply board and its putting out 4.91 on the 5v pins and 3.29 in the 3.3v pins.

if you would mind to read my comment several days ago, you could save all this time for you and for the others.

  1. most relays (the one at the photo for sure) will draw much more current than a mcu digital pin can safely handle (in the long run you either will have stability issues - you already have, or simply burn down the respective pin)

  2. the coil in the relay is capable to inject a high reverse voltage (kick back) to the digital pin when the relay is turned off. this, again, can cause problems in the long run. you should protect the pin with a flyback diode Flyback diode - Wikipedia

to eliminate all this muck, you should use a mosfet or ss relay. but if you ignore to learn basic electronic stuff before begining projects like this (which is way beyond this forum) you just wasteing your and other members time…

Hello everyone, I’m new here and with little experience, I have nodemcu, and I would like this same project but for 03 relay !!

I tested it with a relay and it worked, but I need it for three !!

Thank you very much!!

Sorry about my English.

I need 4 channel with physical button anybody help me

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OK, we really need clarification about your hardware if you expect help! Is the diesel itself pink (as in marked fuel) or is the whole tank pink? And what version library have you installed? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Why or why can’t people use the search function. If you would have at least searched for recent references like “Master” you would have realised that the Master that you need to ask is @Jamin

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Hi jamin.
Can you help me here ?

This is all the same forum, and you already created a topic for your issue. Please don’t spam other topics for assistance on it. Thank you.