Legacy Blynk Server

I have setup a blynk server for the legacy app. I already have the Blynk app which has been running on the Blynk server for some years. Rather than have to build the app again - how can I change the logon details so it logs onto my local server instead of logging into Blynk.cc.

I know that there are 3 dots to click on when creating a brand new app but how is it done on an existing app?

I think you’re misunderstanding how the Blynk app works, and where projects are stored.

When you use the legacy app and create a project on the legacy cloud server, the project, widgets etc are not stored on the mobile device running the app, they are stored on the cloud server.
You can demonstrate this by installing the app on a new mobile device, logging-in to the cloud server with the same credentials you would normally use, and the project and all its associated widgets will appear on the new device. This is because the project is downloaded from the server, not stored on the phone where you first created the project and app layout.

There is a way to download the JSON project file from the cloud server and install it on the local server, but this is fairly complex and I can’t provide you with a step-by-step guide as I no longer run a legacy local server.
The process is further complicated by the fact that newer versions of the legacy app prevent new accounts from being created, which makes life difficult when running a local server.
It’s also possible to use the Clone facility to transfer the project from the cloud server to the local server, but this requires you to either have two mobile devices with the legacy app installed, or to save the QR code image and scan it with your mobile device once you’ve logged-in to your local server. This is probably the easier option, but once again I can’t give you a step-by-step guide.


Ok, Thanks for your detailed reply. Yes, I understand that the widgets etc are held on the cloud server. I might look at cloning the app. I have it installed on three devices.

Thanks again, John