Legacy API Documentation Needed

is there any copy of the local-server rest-api documentation?

seems it was here… but is not anymore…

p.s. @PeteKnight thx for preserving the server

What specifically do you want to know?


at the moment how to send RGB values to a V-Pin. but i want to make more in future… and a copy of the documantation would be very helpfull

ok i found a solution for RGB:

curl -X PUT -H "Content-Type: application/json" --insecure -u admin@blynk.cc:admin -d '["0","0","255"]' https://local.server/auth_code/update/v1

@PeteKnight, I have my house automation implemented with Blynk and have run into the same problem, I need the local server API documentation (I needed to write a script to check the last time a specific device was online, I will try to use the python library to do this but their documentation is also lacking).
I have also been archiving all important information from the legacy days (APKs, local server, libraries, the wiki, etc) for future use if needed.
Anything you can send me will be greatly appreciated, many thanks.

That’s not data that was soo available via the Legacy API.
You could use the server_address/auth_token/project API call to return the full JSON for the project, then extract the data from that, assuming it is stored there (I can’t remember).
If it is returned then it will be as a UNIX milliseconds value, that you’ll need to translate into a date/time.


Thanks Pete, But I`am lost here without any API documentation, do you know where I can get it?

The documentation is no longer available.

Open a browser and put this in the url field…


(obviously you need to replace “server_address” with the IP address of your local server and “auth_token” with the auth token of one of the devices in the project you are interested in)

The result is the JSON for your project.
The contents of this was never documented in the API documentation anyway, so you now have everything there is.

If you copy the JSON output and paste it into this website…

You can view the results much more easily, and drill down into the data.

If you take a look at the screenshot in this post…

you’ll see “devices” as one of the headings. Drilling down into this will give you the data you need, if it’s available.


Hey Peoples, => success =>success

Getting error: Wrong request format with legacy blynk server: =>error ‘Wrong request format’

What’s the correct format for ‘update’…Kindly reply.

I believe that the correct format is…


Thanks for your prompt reply.
Can you dispel some info on the webAPI to login to the local blynk server from the browser similar to the above web api.

I don’t understand the question.


oK let me elaborate.
Built a mobile app using Thunkable with a login screen similar to blynk mobile app.

want to login into local blynk server using this thunkable mobile app using the webapi similar to one used for update and get.

is the below webapi format correct?

There is no “login” API, and it’s not necessary to log in to use the API to read or update data.

That may be against the terms of the Blynk licence for the Legacy server, so you need to be careful.


Yes indeed.
just trying to find some interface between two different platform for research and development purpose only. Thanks for your valuable guidance.

Thanks Pete => success =>success =>success =>success

There is no site left for the old doc. But there is still a repo with old docs - GitHub - blynkkk/blynkkk.github.io: GitHub pages

Thank you. Finally my Thunkable app is able to operate to using the above API’s.