Led Tower Light Machine

My project is to monitor the colour of tower light.Let’s say my machine running then the tower light turn to green light. Otherwise, the yellow colour for standby and red colour when the machine not running…but i want monitor the colour of led tower light using blynk app…can somebody help me and give the similar info for this project.

Hello, Blynk is NOT a magic bullet app… it is an IoT based GUI.

You still need to figure out the hardware and or coding to do whatever you are trying to do. In your case you seem to be wanting to scan the colour of an LED and do somthing based on the color.

Start by googling how to monitor colors with Arduinos/ESP8266 and figure that out. Then once you have an idea on that critical part, you can start reading the Blynk documentation and help files, and play around with some Blynk basics.

By then you might have better understanding on if and how Blynk might be able to be integrated into your plan.


I’ve re-read your post several times, and I’m still
unclear about exactly what you’re trying to achieve.

Do you really want to monitor the colour of the light coming from your tower, or do you want an LED in the app that uses different colours (green, red, orange) to indicate the various states (on, off standby) of the tower?


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