LED labels disappeared

Since the latest Blynk IoT update 1.5.0 I noticed two issues on the mobile app (Android):
1.The labels of the LED widgets have disappeared.
2.The datastream of the LCD widget is not updating automatically anymore .

@Carlo1 probably you had led widgets of smallest size - they may not have labels.

What do you mean: the datastream of the LCD widget is not updating automatically?

It seems I see that LCD may not always get redrawn after an update. Tomorrow I will upload the next version with this fix (as well as led title available in min size), and some additional recent updates.

The LED labels are not being displayed regardless of the size of the LED widget.
The problem with the LCD datastream is that only the initial
content of the LCD widget, when the app is launched, is displayed.
Any further changes of the LCD content are not being displayed.

Both of these problems do not exist in the former version 1.3.13
of the Android app.


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Thank you very much!