[LED COLOR FAIL] With Widget Device Selector


In my project, The widget LED works fine (on/off & change color property) if it’s linked directly to a device.
But if it’s linked to the widget device selector, the color property doesn’t work anymore.

I think there is a bug in that case.

Could you check please?

Thanks for this report, we will fix it in the next release, I guess it would be tomorrow.

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Is this the same issue that I’m seeing with a Widget LED being triggered by Eventor? I can see the white crescent appear and disappear when Eventor activates and deactivates the LED, but there is no color displayed.

This is a year old topic… many changes since.

If you have an existing topic on this, then please keep commentary in there, if not, then please create one.

Although I suspect that you are simply sending a value that sets the intensity of the color to a very low value…AKA 1, when the range is from 0-255.

See here… different device but possibly same issue.

Thank you.