LED Blink Using only ESP8266-01

Gys i Try to make project with Arduino+ESP8266+Blynk . I Want to Control 5 LED on Arduino Uno .I want some codding help to do this project . thanks in adnvance…:slight_smile:

@Dhruvish_Panchal it’s your lucky day, Blynk have written the code for you. Look through all the sample sketches that they provide and you are sure to learn loads, I know I did.

thank you Costas Can you please tell me which Sample Sketch did you use ??? or give some link for that?

I looked through all the sketches and all the available documentation before I tried to control my LED’s.

Okey thank you i try to do same i hope it also work for me…

Does ESP8266 shield SoftSer example work for this ???

For the UNO that would be a good place to start.