LCD widget

Hey all, firstly BLYNK is truly an amazing product, kodus to all involved, it took me 20mins yesterday to remotely access a digital temp probe at work. super. Question: how do I write to the lcd widget? Im using an arduino uno. Thanks in advance.


Hi, thank you for your feedback! It’s very easy. We have sketches and examples for all widgets. Here for LCD.

Hi, Thank you for the quick response! Apologies, Yes i found them!! I hope i have not wasted any of your time.
Prey tell can i distribute the app i have built? i.e to other people in the factory?

In a sense you can. At the moment the solution is to have them install Blynk and use the same credentials to login.

Today we release history graph widget and after that starting working on project sharing. So in few months this will be available I hope =).

Hi, i am new to LCD.
Is it possible to select how many decimals?
Now I get 3 decimals, but I only need 1.

Make sure you send the right amount of decimals from your program should do the trick I guess :slight_smile:

@Flopp you need to truncate it in your code. Google for


Or do


will print 0.1

I am sending data through a VirtualPin.
I am using OneWire and in my code I get 2 decimals but in Blynk iPhone app I see 3 decmals, I could understood if it was 2 decimals.

Can I change amount of decimals for a VirtualWrite?

LCD shows what you send. Try above functions or typecasting I showed above.