LCD Widget - Node.js

Hi all, i’m using the node.js library for blynk but i can’t find example how to push value from the raspberry pi 3 to the virtual LCD pin in blynk…

Someone have an example?


No one?


Can’t you just use the lcd.write function like for the Arduino?

Does i need to install a specific node module?

You have to use the WidgetLCD. Example:

var v3 = new blynk.WidgetLCD(3); //LCD on virtual pin 3
v3.clear(); //clears LCD
v3.print(0,0,‘Test’); //prints on LCD

@tulo Please take note of the TimeDate stamps… this topic is well over a year old :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But I guess your js answer is better late then never :slight_smile: