LCD widget has strange label that can't be edited

I’m using an LCD display, and am having an issue in that it displays a strange label at the bottom (see screenshot).

I can’t seen to change the label using the setProperty command.

Blynk.setProperty(V6, "label", "Status");

I’m running Blynk v 1.3.0 on an ESP8266, using a mobile device with iOS v 16.6.

Thanks in advance!

It’s not changeable. It says something like “Blynk Electronics” in Chinese and it’s a little joke by Blynk that goes with their documnetion for the widget that says…


This is a regular 16x2 LCD display made in our secret facility in China


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Thanks for your response. I suppose I’d be more amused if I weren’t using a paid version.

Any thoughts as to why the label doesn’t work? Or is that an inside joke as well?

Blynk.setProperty(V6, "label", "Status");

@Pavel FYI

Because the Chinese text isn’t a label, so can’t be changed via the setProperty(vPin, “label”, value) command.


I get it, but I was taking the documentation at face value.

I suppose I should abandon this widget in favor of something less silly, and not believe everything I read in the documentation.

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@bdubs we’ll look a it during the upcoming weeks.
This looks like a discrepancy in the documentation, but let’s wait and see if we can improve the widget in this aspect.
Sorry for confusion


First of all, nobody said that this is a changeable label… Labels changeable by setProperty are usually editable in widget settings and located in the upper part of the container.

Try the formatted text widget or a combination of 2 any other labels (if you need 2 strings) - stay creative!