LCD blank screen after close and reopen app

I have a LCD widget (in advanced mode) that works well, update and refresh data with no problem… but, when I close and then reopen the app the screen remain blank until new data is send to to widget, in fact the last data printed in the widget before closing are lost.

Hello. iOS/Android? Latest?

Android latest release, update just five minutes ago.
During update I’ve made other tests… so… the LCD widget works (even on close/reopen app.) only on last android device that have opened the app.
Try to explain…
Device 1 - Blynk project are currently running: Data displayed on the display (even on close/reopen).
Device 2 - Open Blynk app. and start project: Data are displayed on the display of Device 2 but disappear from Device 1.
Device 1 - Stop and restart project: Data are displayed on the display of the Device 1 but disapper from the Device 2.

As I understood you are using same login on both devices?

Yes, right!
Other widgets seems to work on both devices.