Latest new widget for Web Dashboard

text Input widget


Suggestion : would be better with 2 cells wide :wink:


It almost works like I would expect.

Why is it that it works differently than in the app?

I have no way to display what is in this field. I can’t even add a display widget because it won’t let me use the vpin more than once.

2 cells minimum width for Text Input widget will be implemented on the next deployment.

Console and App widgets not meant to work in exactly same way as there are a lot of differences in desktop and mobile UX.
Use Label widget with the same DS assigned in order to view the value.
Why do you think you can’t use the Vpin more than once? Create a new thread with details in steps on how we can reproduce the issue if you have it please,


Looks like it will accept the second use of the Vpin.

I thought I had tried that and it showed the pin as used and would not allow it to be used again.

It is okay like this but not quite what I expected as it does not show the content of the pin after it is entered.