Latest history data to other Widgets

Hello guys

I am sorry if this is covered elsewhere. I did search for it and could not find one specific point about historical data so I am posting it.

Since the release of the latest version of Blynk for iOS I have been playing with the history graph. It’s a cool Widget and it made me realize that you keep a fair amount of data in the servers (up to 3 months).

Some of the projects I spend time with sleep for most of time and Push data to a server when the board is awake. The history graph finally allows me to see what has been pushed every time the board was awake, even if my phone App was closed at the time and this is really cool. But everything else (Widgets set to Push Mode) does not fetch the most recent data point when I open the App. I need to keep the App open waiting for the board to wake up and perform the next Push so I can see it what the values are.

So … apart from the Push Mode, is it possible to also have a History mode for Displays, Gauges, etc. so that they fetch the latest data from the Blynk servers when the App is opened? :grin:



Hello. This is already done for Android and on it’s way for iOS. We call this feature hardware state handling. It will be released with sharing. It is not under review, but very close for submitting. Stay tuned.