Latest arduino library with Old Blynk 1.0 local server installation

Hi all,
I still have a project running with blynk 1.0 in a local server.
What is latest supported arduino library version?
now the latest is 1.3.2 and in my old pc I installed 1.0.1… could I update the version?


If you mean “what is the latest supported Blynk C++ library version” then the answer is that you need to be running v0.6.1 of the Blynk C++ library with Blynk Legacy.

You should also be using version v0.47.17 of the Blynk Local Server code.


I talking about the arduino library…

Now in my firmware I use 1.1.0, but I see the latest is 1.3.2.
Can I upgrade?

That’s the Blynk C++ library. Choose 0.6.1 from the list.


I don’t know why my arduino IDE has a more recent library…
So I need to downgrade…

It has a later library because that’s for use with Blynk IoT. That’s the one teg everyone else is using, but you need to use 0.6.1