Language rules

I see that some people is not using English language in community.

Do you have any rules what language the users can use in community?

Thought: if language is not in English, less people can help the user, if users can help other users then Blynk can focus on other stuff.

Yup, the russian posts are wasted on me. Offcourse I get that English is not everyones first language (not mine either) but I have to agree with Flopp.

@Flopp make sense. From other side - if person doesn’t know English - native language is only chance to find answer.

@Pavel what do you think?

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@Dmitriy Yes, but let say that all language will appear here on your community, lots of information that only a few users can read. I’m from Sweden, what will happen if I write in Swedish instead :stuck_out_tongue:

e.g. a user have a problem and write in German, other German users reply and solve the problem. All users with same problem will not know the solution. Even if they search nothing will appear in the search results. :cry:

See no problems here. While 99.9% here can read and post in English, we can answer a couple of times in our native language.

Another solution is to create a dedicated category, but as for me it’s not required now.

Yes, the forum should be a single language.
I set translator and what problems does not occur until you reach the text with no English language. This text is simply missing.