LAN MODE for Blynk App

Hello !

I had ordered few ready to use IoT products and most of them had a feature called LAN mode.
I am not going to explain whats is LAN mode, because everyone here knows what that is.

If blynk can also introduce this feature !! This would be awesome …

I am afraid if blynk is going to say its already in the roadmap and its a paid feature or inside white lable :sweat_smile:

Somehow, I don’t think it will ever happen.

The Legacy Bluetooth functionality had something similar, and it was a pain. The whole Blynk architecture is based around app/web console to server and device to server communication. Trying to change that means lots of compromises in terms of functionality, and I for one hope it never happens.

Just my 2 cents worth though.


After reading your reply i feel the same too !! But previously is was only through Bluetooth. But sending few packets via the app through the router to trigger the functions does not seem hard… it’s doable i guess !