Labels for sections on single tab

I feel it would be good to have a label option so I could section certain areas of my remote, rather than just making the different sections different colours.

Could you please explain it differently?

Yeh sure. On my remote I have different blocks of buttons/sliders/displays for different functions. So I have grouped them into similar function blocks. I have separated the different blocks/groups by blank spaces between the blocks/groups. It would be nice to put a title or header box above each section that says what each block/group is for.

I understand there are tabs to separate things clearly, but if the remote isn’t overly large then a single tab is nice with blocks/sections of similar things separated by a title/header/description/label.

I can sketch it up if this still isn’t clear.

It’s a hack but buttons can have invisible labels and then the button off and on text can become your section label. Button can be as big or small as you like, you just don’t use it as a button.

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So can the height be changes to 1 line only though? 2 line headers might be a little large.

I know its been requested and due to touch zones the buttons height can’t be changed (although I also request this for larger screen phones).

Doe the invisible label need to be written by the sketch (rather than in the app)?

In the app as " ".

Height needs to be 2 lines.

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Thanks. I had wondered that. I use the " " for my other displays…

Maybe I could also use a labelled value that gets sent the header name on boot to give a single line header instead?

Problem using the labelled value is its 400 energy for just a header.

Dont get me wrong, this app is fantastic and worth the investment, especially seeing the support here… Just I’d be using up a lot of credit for not much functionaility this way

Po tip, free energy on local server