Kudos to non-english speakers

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My hat goes out to you non-native-english speakers out there.
My native language is english, most if not all programing languages are in english, and most support forums are in english as well.

There is no way i would be able to learn programing terms in another language. Then, if i could do that, if i needed to search for help, i would not do well there either. Sure, there are translators you can use, but they don’t always get the exact meaning you are trying to convey.

Although i will never fully feel your pain, i can appreciate what you have to go through.


I’ve been thinking about this post from @Kasomatro (below) all day. I tried to provide a thoughtful reply to @Kasomatro’s topic, however, it’s bothered me that I never addressed his / her “Sorry for my bad English” comment. I don’t know if @Kasomatro leveraged a translator or whether this was his / her own English. In either case, it was well written. I searched the forum for “English” in order to reply to @Kasomatro’s topic and I stumbled upon this topic from @lvennard

I’d like to second @lvennard’s sentiment … kudos to our non-native English speakers!

Blynk Community Members are chastised for not embedding their code in,


and for not providing enough background information regarding their project. However, no one should ever be criticized for their use of the English language. Imagine the mess if we had 6,500 Blynk forums, one for each spoken language. It would be impossible to share information.

I’d encourage everyone, regardless of your native tongue, to participate in the Blynk forum. Use something like Google Translate if necessary. If the Community needs a little clarification regarding your post, so be it. After a little back and forth, we’ll all be on the same page.