Konekt Dash Help


I own a Konekt Dash. The now call themselves Hologram,

I have been using Blynk a lot with other Wifi boards and now want to move to the Dash, there is a selection for it in the app but when it comes to using the example for the cloud connection don’t know what one to use or how to connect it,

If someone could provide me what they use that would be great,

The most significant issue I am having is getting it to connect to the blynk cloud,

Thanks in advance,

Hi. I need to re-check. AFAIK, Hologram Dash wasn’t supported for a long time due to technical reasons.

If it inst supported now is there the likelihood that it will be supported?

If it isn’t going to be it may be a good idea to remove as an option to add it to the app under boards,

Id like to find a solution on how to incorporate it though as I bought it under the impression in the KS campaign that it would be supported.

Any assistance you can provide would be appreciated!

You must have a rather old App version?? I cannot see this device listed.

I am up to date on my iPhone Version, 2.18.0 (1)

Up to date as in there isn’t an update listed in the app store for it.

OK, can’t speak for the iOS version as I use Android… so a bit newer vers… but still no Konnect, Hologram, Dash…

I will leave the rest to the developers…

@Bryson I have just re-checked.
There are several options, depending on what you really need.

  1. You can use Dash + Hologram Cloud, and integrate it with Blynk using HTTP API, IFTTT, Node.RED, or any similar service. Direct connection from Hologram Cloud to Blynk is not possible atm.
  2. If you only need Dash device, it could work with 3rd party SIM in “passthrough” mode. This would be equivalent of an Arduino + 3G modem. Currently we do not support this configuration, but should be doable in theory.

Dash shouldn’t appear in the app, and it is not listed here: https://github.com/blynkkk/blynkkk.github.io/blob/master/SupportedHardware.md
But we’ll re-check that as well. Sorry for inconvenience.