Kilowatt Meter

How to make program in blynk Kilowatt meter ? i only able to make voltage and current in blynk can any one explain please.

P= V*I

Example: 100 * 20 = 2000w


2000/1000= 2Kw

So how to i programming in blynk to read Kw?

thank you

@Segar_Marippen… Well I guess all you are doing is trying to add a formula to your code. Take a look at my water tank level project and just basically follow the same structure to send your Kw data to Blynk Water Tank Level Indicator with Low Level Warning Notifications

i not see any coding structure the link you give me one, i am use arduino mega 2560 board if have coding for this 3 parameter read please send me programming code.


@Segar_Marippen, I suggest that you share the code that you’re using to read current and voltage and display the results, so that we can point you in the right direction.