Just a thought - App for PRO customers - confusing for their customers?

We are switching from the old Blynk to new Blynk IoT and will be going with a PRO subscription this time. While thinking through the whole process from the user/customer side I realized that they download the same app as is used for development (correct?).

While the user will most likely not get into a situation where they will try to do their own DIY stuff, the information on the app page does discuss that option.

Is this confusing for the customer?

I’m not sure if there is a solution for this, or if there even needs to be. It’s a minor issue but it came to mind so I thought I’d mention it!

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Even i have thought about this quite a few times.
Customers can google and find hell lots of tutorials, videos, blogs and most importantly the Blynk forum itself. Where we makers / companies discuss lots of things on open playground.

Any customer with basic computer knowledge can bring in few components assemble them, upload the ready code available on the internet and call it a day.

Actually i have experienced this.
When my friend visited my place, i just showcased my automation system that i have done. And he asked is it sonoff or Oakter.

I said !! ITS CUSTOME BUILT :sunglasses:.

Later he asked what app are you controlling the devices with. I said BLYNK.

HE SAID : ho its diy projects from the YouTube.

I was like :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

I guess customers should have a different app or interface that keeps them unaware of blynk.

Because if they get to know what’s readily available on the internet, they will be no longer interested to pay the subscriptions.

I feel this is a issue.

@Madhukesh I agree with your overall sentiment but I’m not sure it’s quite that bad. Just because I can find a recipe for baking a cake online doesn’t mean I’m going to spend the time to do it when I could just buy one, lol.

I just think some differentiation for the PRO version would be nice. Maybe Blynk PRO?

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Yes. Everyone cannot build their own devices. But chances are there.

We haven’t heard of any confusion so far. in PRO plan you would need to invite users, so basically they will download the app, and click on the link in your invitation email. This will bring them directly to the password creation.

There are multiple examples where apps supports both “creator” and “user” scenarios, so I don’t think it’s an issue.

What’s definitely not an issue is that someone will decide to build the device by themselves. It’s not a skillset majority of people out there have…

Thanks for the feedback @Pavel It’s good to hear that it hasn’t been an issue.