Java App Client (emulates Smartphone App) ERROR during login procedure

Dear @Dmitriy i guess you are the only one to handle this problem

I’m trying to use the java client in “-mode app”, as per
so, i issue the command
“java -jar client-0.35.3-SNAPSHOT.jar -mode app -host -port 9443”
followed immediately by
“login mypassword”, where "" and “mypassword” are valid credentials of my account.
Unfortunately i get an error response from server like
“20:34:51.999 ERROR - Client socket closed. Reason : Server closed client connection.”

The same client runs fine in “-mode hardware”

I run a local server (v.0.35.2 java8) on an RPI like hardware, running Debian jessie and Oracle java8
Client runs on Windows 10 Pro with Oracle java8