It´s appear " device is offline " advice on blynk app

Recently, in the app, in Tiles buttons devices, in top of the screen , it says “device is offline” if you enter with QR.
If you enter with login and passwd, all devices are online.
Never happened before.
It happen in every version of the Blynk´s local server , so i think it´s an app bug.

Any ideas?

Thank you in advance.

Can you explain exactly what you mean by…

Are you talking about something to d9 with Device Tiles?

What is the QR code that you’re using? Is this a shared app, or a clone? Was it shared/cloned with your local server in exactly the same configuration as it is now, or has the IP address or DDNS name changed?
What happens if you re-generate the QR code?

Screenshots would probably help!


Thanks for your response.
I mean The Templates of the Device Tiles Settings in Blynk´s App.

The QR i use, is the Shared App.
I have check in four different projects , with diferents DDNS an ip address.
The app works perfectly in any modes, logged by email/passwd, or using que Shared QR , but there is an annoying advice , that show a wrong information.

for example in wemoscurrent, here:

In Admin mode is OK, Device online:
You can see is working, connected and sending data, but if you login by Shared Access WR , and push an enter the tile:

It said, device offline. Why?

It´s a recently bug of the app or blynk library?
It doesn´t happen if you login , only with shared qr.

Hope the question is clear now, sorry my english.

Tested with 4 diferents projects using diferents boards and blynk´s local servers versions and using android and ios blynk´s app.

Totally confused.

Do you mean “sharing QR”?

Yes, i mean Shared Access -> Generate Link

It happens in every Tile Template Device, i´m using local server versions and accesing via Shared Access by QR :

0.39 ubuntu java8
0.41.14 raspbian java11
0.41.15 raspbian java11
0.41.10 raspbian java11

I´ve increased the "hard.socket.idle.timeout=100 " parameter, but the situation persist.
Anyone have same problem?

For functionality it doesn´t affect, but it´s very annoying and confusing.
I´m working with Blynk local server many years, and it´s the first time i see this kind of error.

It will be very usefull , if works correctly , for Shared Access , because shared access user , couldn´t check the device status before.

Want to thanks to Dmitriy for his huge work with Blynk.

@aghsistemasso this is new problem? Maybe it’s related to the new released app version? Did you update the app recently?

I noticed there is a new version from january 25 2021, and i have it, automatically update, i guest. Perhaps it can be an app update´s bug, you must be right.
I wanted to check it out if anybody has the same bug.

Hello there, @Dmitriy are you in contact with blynk app developers to report the bug, or any other way to contact them directly?

thank you for your time.

Is that the Android version?

We are investigating the issue - we will update the app soon with a fix.

Do you have in the project’s settings enabled option which turns off notifications about online/offline states?

Thank you, it works , while the app is fixing.
At least it will not show the annoying message.