Issues with Blynk App

Hi Blynk Team,

In recent times, I faced these issues with Blynk App.

  1. I have been working on my project from several months. Layout was of course changed several times. Now all at a sudden my project layout suddenly changed to one of the old layout. My recent layout which is the right one is lost. In past I already faced this issue but after log off and log in the layout was restored. But this time I logged off and logged in several time but no result.
  2. This time history graph data is also lost.
  3. My history graph has a data from almost 2 months. When I select to display data from 1m or 3m or 1d is shows up. But when I select 6h it says not enough data.
  4. I use Blynk to control appliances in my home. My project is shared with my wife. Most of the times it works amazingly. I am located in Germany last week my wife was in India, she tried to access the project to control some appliances here in Germany she had proper internet connection, but she could not open the app. Error as she describes “couldn’t connect to server”, indefinitely shows the loading animation.

I will update, if I remember more.

Please help me restore my project layout and history graphs data.

thank you.

Hello. Thank you for reporting. Here is a solution :

This still did not solve the problem. I used the IP address but still the old layout is not restored, history data is not yet restored.

I could not find an option to enter IP address on my wife phone which is using Access shared Blynk project.

By the way at the moment HW and both the phones are connected to same network.

You need to generate sharing QR again. And rescan with wife’s phone.


Yes, I have scanned twice. It shows the layout as it is in my phone. But still my phone has the old layout, the above solution did not restore my layout and Data in my phone too where the project is launched.

Did your old layout was working with hardware? When did you use it last time?

Common things between Old and New layout are still working. Modified elements in new layout are not working.
I almost use Blynk app Everyday, at least once to see the sensor values. HW is always online.

I think I used my new layout successfully in the last week.

Hello Blynk Team,

I am still waiting for the solution. Still my old layout is not recovered.

Hello. Why don’t you just remove old layout and create new one?

Yes, I did it.
But definitely this is not the solution. Because this is not the first time I am facing this issue :frowning:

Now point 2 and 3 are not solved. Sensor data are actually lost. My sensors were installed on 26th June. I use to have data from that day. But now after manually creating the new layout History graph shows data from only from Aug 10th.

That’s correct behaviour as history is connected with project. When you remove project you can’t access this data anymore. However it is not lost and still on our servers.

Hi, I have not removed the project. I still use the same project and same auth code. I only just modified the layout.
There is no point if the data is in your servers and I can not see it in the history graph.

Please tell me your login name.

Hi it is

Ok. I see 2 accounts. So I believe what happened is - you switched to another IP and old data left on old server. This is how our infrastructure of free Blynk Cloud implemented. One more time explanation why this was done here -

humm I understand…
SO I should be really careful if I want to control my HW from a different country. Should keep note of my server IP to which my HW is connected.
If my HW is on same network is there a chance that its communicating Server IP changes ??

Well my sensors data is not very critical so in this case I could afford to lose it.

Any way you guys are doing a really great job with Blynk.

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Or get your own private cloud server. They don’t cost too much and if it’s not that critical you can even consider buying a Raspberry Pi and have it attached to your home internet. That way you can control every thing.

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No. HArdware should always use domain name. Not IP. As it is easy to change IP in app but sometimes impossible to do that in hardware.

Well in most cases all you need to do - just hardcode IP within app and that’s all.

Thank you. Someday we will also fix this issue with GEO DNS. However at the moment we don’t have resources to fix it.

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