Issue with version 2.27.20


I have updated the Blynk version to 2.27.20 in a Samsung Galaxy A5 (OS: Android 8.0.0)

The project is connected to a Arduino Mega with an Ethernet Shield.

I am ussing the Blynk Server.

After this updated I have got issues some with the software:

  1. It doesn’t respond the widget Tab Settings
  2. The stop button of the Project doesn’t respond.

But if I press any button or other widget in the project, They works fine.

I have read the changes in this version, so I have removed the GPS widget from the project.

After this action the Project Works again and the issues #1 and #2 have disapeared.

I have installed Blynk software in another mobile (Samsung Galaxy A50 - Android 10) and I have no problems with the Project (with the GPS widget in the Project).

If you need more information, please don’t heasitate to send me an email.

Best regards,

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@BlynkAndroidDev - one for you?


Thank you, I’ll try to fix it till the next week. Which one of GPS widgets caused this issue?

I was using GPS Trigger.
But just now, I have tested the same project with GPS Stream.
Also, I have test with mobile GPS enabled and disabled and the behaviour is the same.
The same issue happen with a local server (over windows 10).

Can I help you with more information or tests?

App checks for GPS widgets and allowed location permissions on the project’s activation or projects’ screen open. We have no specific widgets connected logic for the project stop, or tabs’ settings opening (any widgets’ settings opening). Can it be that there is an invisible alert of location permissions? Does this issue reproduce if you will grant the application location permissions?

I have checked it and location is allowed for Blynk app. In fact all the permissions are allowed.

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It seems I’ve fixed this issue - the new build is under review in Play Store, so I hope it will be available to update faster than previous one.

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I’ve updated to 2.27.21 and it works fine. Thanks a lot.