Issue with Blynk MAKER Plan Subscription

According to the announcements regarding changes in pricing and plans, it was explicitly stated that “If you’re currently on Blynk Plus plan, your existing projects and functionality will stay exactly the same as long as you keep your current subscription. No changes to your current setup.”

I have been a paid subscriber to the Blynk Plus (MAKER) plan since May 2023, and I have diligently maintained my subscription without interruption. However, despite this assurance, I have noticed a significant reduction in widget limits within my account. Widgets that I had previously utilized are now locked.

I kindly request that the necessary steps be taken to rectify this issue and restore access to the features and widgets that were initially available to me under the Blynk Plus (MAKER) plan.

Hello @burak.

What widgets? And on what platform (Mobile/Web)?

Hi @Oleksii-QA ,

Pages/Tabs, Alias Names etc… I’m using the Blynk app on iOS, I’ve attached screenshot.
Since October 2023, these widgets have been locked and I keep getting the Upgrade your plan notification.

Is there no one from Blynk support team to solve this problem?

Hello @burak. Please check, should be fixed

Fixed. Thanks for the help @Oleksii-QA

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