Issue when creating NEW superchart widget

There seems to be some issue when placing a new superchart widget into the multi-device project:

  • selecting device for datastream and assigning pin results in displaying correct pin stream, but for wrong device. It seems always first device on the list is selected.
  • it fixes itself after closing and opening again Blynk App.

Local server 0.36.4, app version 0.23.0

Please provide steps. I not sure I understand your description.

  • Create new superchart widget (as old has been disabled as announced)
  • select first (existing) stream
  • in source list select any other device but NOT first
  • in input select desired virtual pin
  • exit superchart, run the project.
  • the widget now plots the chart for desired vpin, but for other device (in my case first on list)
  • exit app, open again - everything is fine.
    Not a serious issue, but I was surprised, when first saw the chart - it wasn’t the expected one :wink: