Issue connecting to Blync server

I am having an issue logging in to Blynk on an iPhone 4 running iOS 7.1.2. I am planning on using this device as a monitor for some output sensors from my hydroponic system. I can confirm that the device has a stable internet connection. I am using the Blynk server and I already have the account that is connected to two ESP8266 boards.

Whenever I launch the Blynk app on the iPhone 4 and put in my email and pass I instantly get a “Sorry server can’t talk right now. Try again later” error message. And then when I try to reset my password Blynk says “We don’t have such e-mail or password in our database . Please re-check”. I can confirm that I am using the right email because that is even the email it shows that I’m using inside of the Blynk app in my personal phone (iPhone 7).

Any help would be great!

The Blynk app in the App Store says:

So I guess that’s where your problem lies.


Ok thanks, I guess I missed that. Would’ve been nice if I could have given a use to an old device but I totally understand that there’s no reason for the developers to put time into making this program work on every device.