isHardwareConnected not working, Invalid Token Error

I am trying to make a GET request to isHardwareConnected from a voiceflow API and from the Console calls are routed via Apiary. This has been working fine when I was testing on localhost or using browser. but it shows invalid token when try to test api from voiceflow.
i try replacing with Ip address. it work for getting pin status but it didnt work with isHardwareConnected.

Not working:-
“ERROR”:{ 1 item
“message”: “src property must be a valid json object”


I guess that it’s because the response to these two isConnected API calls is simply true or false as opposed to




One of your systems along the way is expecting a JSON format when it’s getting plain text.



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yes, Right my system is expecting a JSON format

Can it possible to change plain text format to JSON in repose? if yes than can you help me with that??

Thanks for reply…

I doubt that the developers will change the format of the API response from what it is now, as it has the potential to break things for any existing users who are using the current format successfully.

I guess that if you were using your own local server then you could find and edit the API response code to meet your needs and re-compile the source code before deploying it.

I suppose there is a potential workaround to part of the issue, by having your hardware regularly check the BLYNK_APP_CONNECTED status and upload the result to a virtual pin, but that doesn’t tell you if the hardware is connected and the result is only valid if the hardware is actually connected and updating the virtual pin.


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Ok, Thanks @PeteKnight

what if i mention “Accept: application/json” in header during API call?
than it is possible to get response in json format??

is Accept is right header request for getting response in application/json format?
or there is any another header for getting response in json format??

Have you read the API documentation?


yes, i read it but i didn’t find request header in that.

Well there is your answer!