Is there problems on the blynk server?

Dear Sirs,
the last two days I observed many blynk server short disconnections or short server unavailability I access it from Greece. Do you have the same experience? Any way to improve? Is that linked with the forthcoming new blynk introduction?

Thanks and Best Regards,
Mike Kranidis

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Same thing here ,can’t log in change password not access blynk remote server. Did app update without any luck. Currently in Poland
Anybody else having problems with login to blynk server?
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I have the same issue. A lot of disconnections since this afternoon approximately every 2 minutes since 5 p.m. I am in France. Not sure at this time that it is not my installation … But i had not so many disconnections before.

In my case the problem is intermittent, meaning that some short times I can not get or send responses from my hardware (ESP8266) or Android app fully updated…

I can’t log in at all

I think this is different from my problem, not sure of course

Is there a way to check if blynk server is online?

Yes, you can check the status of the three Blynk cloud servers by scrolling down to the bottom of this page:


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Dear Pete, I can see the status… Do you?

I had the same connection issues…
I have just update the app and now it works.


Sorry Mike, I don’t understand what you’re asking.


I can’t see/open the link that shows the server’s health…

That’s interesting. The link works fine for me, and when you scroll down to the bottom it shows this:


Ahh, ok not showing on my mobile Android chrome both as Mobile or Desktop mode. Thanks anyway.

In addition to disconnections, i have very high latencies in response times between the server, the application and the microcontroller.

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Hello all. Yes, another issue is confirmed as well (not related to the SSL). For some reason our monitoring didn’t detect it. IT should be fixed already. If not - please let me know.

Unfortunatly, all is down now for me. The app can’t connect anymore :frowning:

Yes. That’s me. Initial fix didn’t help. We’ll need additional ~40 minutes to fix the issue.

No pb, we trust you ! :wink: Thx :stuck_out_tongue:

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@gacaron please check one more time

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