Is there an Android app apk?

Since we are having trouble with the iOS app I thought maybe we would try the Android app since we would like to use it at some point also. But is there an Android app apk for blynk 2.0 somewhere? Our test Android phones are degoogled and we cannot access the play store.

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Make sure you choose the β€œnew” one. Currently v1.1.2 is on file.



Thank you.
It would be good if Blynk would have a direct apk download so there would be less security concerns.

this will not happened because they want to remove the APK from the playstore :sob::sob:
Fortunately, apkpure has all you need :smiley:

Wait, who wants to remove the apk from the play store and why?

The assumption is that the old apps will be removed at some point, to prevent new sign-ups to the old version.



Well okay. I can see that. But if anybody from Blynk sees this, please add an option to download the apk directly from the official site. Thank you.

Also seriously, the old Blynk works more reliably and migrating to the new is not going well at all and has set back our project considerably. :weary:

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