Is there a way I can control my esp-12e greenhouse project remotely?

Good Morning,

I have started putting together my greenhouse project. I am currently running a tempreture and soil humidity sensors throughout my greenhouse in my allotment. I am trying to find a way where I can use my GSM900A to transmit data to and from my allotment either to a local server at home or directly to the blynk app.

My allotment doesnt have any power or wifi to connect so I have managed to install power via solar and hooking up some batteries but I am struggling to find any code related to sending and receiving data via GSM900a.

Can anyone help with my project?

there is a lot of sketch in this community.

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Thanks! I will give this a read through.


A good stable power source and this library worked for me.

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Managed to use the example from Blynk and add it to my script. Had a bit of jip with the baud rate I have overcomed that. Onwards and upwards for this project! Now need to work out whay my GPRS details are from GiffGaff

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Username Giffgaff
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@Rob.b Cannot for love of me work out why my code wont run when selecting the SIM900. I can export on the SIM800 but not on SIM900. Tried to add the .h file for it but not getting any luck! Can you have a little look for me please :slight_smile:

This is a great tool for making sure your gsm module is working.
I used it to make sure everything was working correctly before I progressed to the Blynk side of things.

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