Is there a Virtual Read command?

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I noticed that the new library does not support a virtualRead() keyword. I did notice that it has the keyword virtualWrite(). Is there another keyword that I am missing for virtualRead()?

Currently “virtualRead” is not available, although it may be added in future.
We decided to switch to event-driven model.
So the functionality you want to achieve with “virtualRead” can now be more efficiently implemented in your custom “BLYNK_READ” and “BLYNK_WRITE” functions.

You can find them in the “Basics” examples.

Where can the examples be found?



// This function will be called every time
// when App writes value to Virtual Pin 1
  BLYNK_DBG_DUMP("Got a value: ", param.getBuffer(), param.getLength());

Thanks for the reply. That is the write function. Is there a virtualRead() function or a different keyword that represents a virtualRead() function?


Sorry I did not see the other replies, they were hidden. Thank you

This might be confusing how the structure sounds and we have to figure out how to fix it, but anyway:

// This structure means that there is a widget which 
// is writing to the Virtual Pin (3)


// Widget sends array of data. We are taking first value from  
// the array, which is [0] and writing it to servo position


I noticed that BLYNK_READ does exist. I’ve not been able to find an example on how to use BLYNK_READ

Suppose I want to read a analog pin, do a calculation and THEN pass that result to a virtual pin, say V0.

How would I return my calculated value to BLYNK_READ(0) since BLYNK_READ is declared as void?