Is slider broken? Android app?

just updated the app to the new Blynk app on Android 5.1.1

now my slider on V25 used to be able to set a variable from 23 to 28 but now all it does is send a 0 to my software?

this is my slider code:

BLYNK_WRITE(V25) // set max temp for air inlet
  BLYNK_LOG("Got new setMaxTemp value: %i", setMaxTemp = param.asInt());

Could you please post slider settings.

Just ckecked - works for me. Does slider shows 24, 25, 26 values when you drag it?

i just deleted and re-added it…

the slider shows 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28 values

And you get 0 on hardware?


it was literally just working, then i updated the App on my phone and it stopped working.

This message is not same as in code snippet you gave above.

that is the message when the autoVentLogic() runs:

void autoVentLogic()
  Serial.println(F("Starting the ventilation logic section. "));
  Serial.print(F("_________________________SetMaxTemp (max. inlet temp) = "));

  //Auto mode - ERROR situation - sensor malfunction

  if ((houseTemp < 0)  || (roofTemp < 0)  || (baseTemp < 0))
    digitalWrite(roofVent, LOW); // roof vent closed
    digitalWrite(houseVent, LOW); // house vent closed
    digitalWrite(ventFan, HIGH); // ventilation fan is OFF
    Serial.println(F("system = ERROR - some/all temps are below 0 'C - CHECK SENSORS"));

    Blynk.virtualWrite(6, 1023); //off LED on Blynk app
    Blynk.virtualWrite(7, 1023); //hse LED on Blynk app
    Blynk.virtualWrite(8, 1023); //rof LED on Blynk app
    Blynk.virtualWrite(9, 1023); //bse LED on Blynk app
    Blynk.tweet((String("Basement: AUTO.ERROR! - DewPoint's = R: ") + medianRoofDewPoint + (" H: ") + medianHouseDewPoint + (" P: ") + medianPlenumDewPoint + (" B: ") + medianBaseDewPoint) + ("'C"));

logging is disabled:

//#define BLYNK_PRINT Serial 
//#define BLYNK_DEBUG        

this is my Blynk app screen now:

i’m resetting my phone, and ESP module…

see what that does…

We just published new update 1.8.2. Could you please try it?

it now works with hardware, but still very buggy to use, it sends too many new values to the hardware, and app value does not match the value finally set in the hardware.

it is pot-luck if it gets it right and the values match. :frowning:

im just going to hard code the value for now…

are you updating v25 only through slider and are you sure you are not sending on a slider some value? slider is sending it’s values with a small delay (this is done for not flooding hardware with a lot of write actions), and sure sends the latest value when you stop it’s handle.

could you record a video and show what’s going wrong so we could understand how it could happen? i could also prepare some logging build for you to log slider’s output