Is it possible to upload third party binary(not have blynk code) through blynk OTA process

I have ESP32 device with blynk library and ESP32 connected to blynk cloud and OTA is working fine for it. Now I want to update the firmware of another device which is connected to ESP32 with uart interface.
The binary of this device not have any code related to blynk. I want to update the firmware of this device through blynk OTA process. The same way for ESP32.

Blynk → ESP32 → Device with uart interface
How i can do the update of device?
Is there any solution through which OTA of this device possible

You can:

  • include the firmware binary of your MCU inside ESP32 binary
  • deliver it via Blynk.Air
  • do wahtever you need to update your MCU over uart

You can also consider using Blynk.NCP