Is it possible to have put countdown timer?

So I was wondering if it possible to put countdown on arduino uno and connection using USB .
Like if I push button the LED will on after one minute it will turn off automatically using a countdown.

Help me . thanks :slight_smile:

Yes, that can be achieved with the BlynkTimer.

The one that say “simple timer” thing?

Yes. There are lots of possibilities with it. For example you can use the setTimeout function to run a function x-seconds after you push a button and stuff like that.

like this one ?

void callMeLater() {
// do something

timerId = timer.setTimeout(1000, callMeLater);

what that 1000 represent and what can I put in that void call me later?

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The 1000 is in millis (so that is 1 second). In the callmelater you put the code to turn off the LED.