Is it possible to create a dashboard through an API or remotely in some way?


I am using the ESP32 ttgo boards to use as a standardized hub where different kind of sensor can be connected to (I2C, analog, digital, …) and I would like to use Blynk as a visualization/notification platform. Because the ESP32 is planned to be used as a ‘modular’ hub, each device would have different sensors connected to it and thus need different visualizations. My plan is to gather data from the metadata of the device, which has to be inserted when activating the device through an AP. Then, from that metadata creating some API requests that automatically design and deploy a dashboard according to the chosen sensors.

Is this approach in any way possible?

Thanks in advance!

You can use Module widget: Modules - Blynk Documentation

Hi Clement, were you successful in implementing this? I would like to do something similar, monitor datastream or metadata values via the API. I am looking at Automations now as a possible solution, but unsure if the promised “Offline Automations” is available yet. Thanks!

Based on what you’ve said, it sounds like you’re looking for the opposite of what @clement_peleman was describing, but even then, I don’t see where automations - and especially offline automations - would be used in this scenario.
Maybe if you described your requirements and how you plan to implement them in more detail then you might get a more helpful response.


Pete, thanks. I posted the high-level description of what I want to do in a previous post. Here, I am looking at the possibility of using Automations – specifically Offline – to monitor a datastream; when the value changes, trigger an action or simply pass the changed value back to the device. In place of a datastream I could also look for changes in a metadata value. Either way, I am struggling to find a way to interact with the app that’s updated through the HTTPS API and is considered “offline” in Blynk terms (because the updates to Blynk come via LTE cellular modem.)

I think you’ll find that offline automations (which I believe are only availed in the business subscription) are intended to work differently.
I suspect that the work in a way that when you define a timed schedule for a device then tgat schedule will keep running, whether the device is online or not.
Currently, regular (online) automations change the state of a virtual datastream on a real-time basis, expected the device to be online to “see” that real-time change.

In your scenario you need the device to know when a virtual datastream value has changed, but because you’re not wanting to use the Blynk library, and instead rely on using the HTTP(S) API, upright only option is to regularly ask the Blynk server whether the datastreams you’re interested in have changed.

And, as I said previously…

quote=“PeteKnight, post:10, topic:70376”]
The nearest you can get is to constantly poll the Blynk server to see if virtual datastream values have changed, which is messy.


Thanks again Pete. I just got word from the Blues Wireless folks that Blynk is working on an “integration” with Blues NoteHub (their Cloud server.) Assuming this will solve my issue, I’ll await this development.