Is it possible to change Device Name on project?

After finish all project (iOS), I need to change the name of station device. Is it possible? How can I do it?

Thanks in advance!


  1. Stop the project from running
  2. Press the “nut” button(settings)
  3. Scroll down and press Devices
  4. In “my devices” press on the one you need to edit.
  5. First field is the name of the device.
  6. Change it.

Appologies in advance if is not the same in Iphone.

Maybe this is for Android. Mine is iPhone. There is no response when I click on devide to edit name…

Click here…

Then click here…

Then edit here…

I’d discovered what was happening: my project was prepared for App Publishing. When the project has app attached, you cannot change device names or add devices. So I deleted the app and then can change device name again.
There is no information about it on docs. Please, update docs to inform this, ok?

Thanks all for your help!