Is home screen shortcut feature missing!

Is the feature of creating a home screen app missing in the latest update, or am I under illusion?
In the previous version it’s right before the device area like in this image:

However, in the latest update it looks like this:



it can be a bug.
Can you provide your device model and android version?

Thanks for your feedback
It’s actually a virtual machine.

@BlynkAndroidDev Maybe you are right. It looks like this virtual machine doesn’t support home screen shortcut.
The android emulator I’m using is : NOX

Starting from Android Nougat there is a limited number of dynamic shortcuts app can create, can it be your case? Have you been updating VOX recently? I’ve checked latest Blynk app from Play Store - it shows this option on my devices

Can you provide version of Android used in VOX?

@BlynkAndroidDev It’s already included in the previous image on the top left corner right after the Nox version.
My bad. Its correct name is: Nox

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