Is eventor tasks executed on Blynk Server or Blynk App (client)?

First of all, thanks for creating this BRILLIANT piece of software!

I’m new to Blynk, but an developer, and I’m having problems understanding some of the background stuff that’s happening in Blynk. As a mobile developer, battery usage is an very important issue. Because of this, I’m wondering where the events in Eventor is executed/evaluated.

Example of a rule and hardware:
Hardware: ESO8266 with temp sensor. Sends temperature to Blynk each second.
Eventor rule: If temperature is OVER 50 degrees, create a notification

How does this work? Does the blynk server evaluate each incoming temp reading and if the temperature is over 50 degrees, it sends a push message to the blynk app? OR, does the blynk server send a temp reading to the blynk app each second, and the evaluation is done in the blynk app itself? The latter one would require a lot of battery power.

I could not find anything about this in the forum or the documentation.


Hello. Thanks.

Yes. As it is impossible to send data to mobile in case app is offline.

Server code :


Ahh. Great!! I love how Blynk just… works :wink:
Thanks for the quick reply and reference to the source code!

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